The makers of a Country is their own people, no matter if they are coming from a native or a foreign origin.

People are the force that shapes the destiny and history of the land, let us say that Venezuela is that perfect example of this unnatural process; from the crude Spaniard conquest to today's dreadful Bolivarian revolution, the country is no a stranger to radical changes and social uprisings.

Venezuela is more like a clay sculpture never finished and fragile to mishandling sitting at a critical crossroad.

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Venezuelan Third Culture Kids

You a Third Culture Kid ?

I’m a what you might be asking yourself ? Or are you simply asking yourself … what the hell is a TCK ?

No this is not an insult and you can take back your “a la tuya”, the simple but effective commonly used phrase used on the streets of Venezuela that many of us used and still use at times in self-defense when someone calls you names … In simple terms TCK means … Third Culture Kid or Trans-Cultural Kid

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Jimmy Angel - Angel Falls

The Truth about Jimmie Angel's Falls

The truth about Jimmie Angel’s life is convoluted and distorted by legend for good reason.

A major factor in the difficulty of finding the truth about him is that he actively participated in the creation of the various legends about his colorful life. This paper is only a small part of a much greater research project to discover the truth about Jimmie Angel. (1)

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Jimmie Angel ... An Explorer

Have you heard of Jimmie Angel ? Who was he you may ask ? Many might not know who Jimmie Angel was but I can say he did make his mark in history.

Have you heard of Angel Falls, the highest & the tallest single drop waterfall in the world (3212 feet) ? Well, Angel Falls is named after him. Not only did he discover the falls, he introduced it to the world. To put Angel Falls into perspective, Angel Falls is 2.5 times as tall as the Empire State Building and a full 15 times higher than Niagara Falls. Jimmie was a larger-than-life character, an experienced bush pilot and gold prospector, who accidentally discovered the falls in 1933 and named after him in 1937.

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